Rayne Trophy - Event Details

Event DateSaturday 27 November 2021
ConvenerFiona Greenwood

General Information

Multple teams of four for the Edward Rayne Trophy.  

Specific Information

Qualification will be determined by each district. If a heat is held there must be at least 4 teams playing a minimum of 21 boards. Each member of the team must belong to a club in the District.  

Heats will be held using a multiple teams format either F2F or online using RealBridge (note BBO does not provide multiple teams movements)

The final will be played on Real Bridge and will consist of up to 16 teams – 2 from Ayrshire, Central, Highland, North and South and 3 from East and West - playing around 45 boards.

Entry Fee

For online heats, it is recommended that the entry fee for each district heat is at least  £3.50 per person to cover the cost of using RealBridge. This should be collected by the district and paid to the SBU.  

The entry fee for the Final will be £20 per team including table money.7 National Points will be awarded to the winners with awards to the top 1/2 of the field.


Due to Covid, the Final will be played on line using Real Bridge so this is not applicable this year


Bob McKinnon, Cathy Ferguson, Bob Hunter, Ron Moodie

Previous Winners