Competition Name Autumn Pairs
Holders Adelaide MacPherson & Trish Davis (Grantown)
Event Type

Clubs designate one match-pointed event during the month of October as their heat of this competition.  Results are collated and the pair with the highest percentage in Scotland are the winners.  It should be run as a one-pair winner event. Minimum 4 tables & each pair must play at least 21 boards.

Master Points

A bonus award of 500 local points is given to the top 1/3rd of field.  In addition, local points are also awarded for the heats at double the normal club scale. Clubs must not award local points.

Venue Clubs
Date Heats may be held in clubs between 1st October and 31st October 2018
Results Conveners should be familiar with how to process results from an event All Results by mid-November.
Entry Fee     £3.00 per player; table money at the club’s discretion. Fees by mid-November. BACS: Scottish Bridge Union Sort Code: 80-06-83 A/C No.: 00942229. or cheque to:-
Contact  Eddie McGeough.  51 Kirk Street, Prestwick KA9 1AU. 01292.41120