Harrison Trophy - Event Details

Event DateSaturday 08 May 2021
ConvenerAnne Coles

Harrison: for REGIONAL MASTER and all HIGHER RANKS, 2x24 boards

Please note the requirement to use a specific convention card: Harrison CC

Competition Name Harrison Trophy
Holder Joint 1st Moyra Forrest and Joe Duxbury
Event Type Match pointed individual - One day event.
System Players are required to play a designated simple system (used for the Harrison & Benjamin).
Master Points Maximum award of 10 National Points, based on a minimum entry of 25 players; awards to the top half of the field with at least 36 boards in play, otherwise to the top third.
Qualification Players with ranks of Regional Master up to Grand Master. Ranking is determined by the list published on 1st March 2020 on the SBU website and listed on the MEMPAD website. Players having entered the Harrison may become eligible for the Benjamin, depending on places available.

Carlton Bridge Centre
36B Warriston Gardens, Edinburgh EH3 5NE
Phone: 0131 552 3122

or Melville tbc

No. of Boards Approx. 50
  Estimated end time: 18h45
Entry Fee     £16 per player
Closing Date Mid-April.  The format of the tournament will be decided early next year once numbers and ranks of players are known.