Women's National Teams - Event Details

Event DateSunday 27 February 2022
Start Time 11:00
Finish Time18:30
ConvenerFiona Greenwood

Open to all SBU members and played on BBO.  Please register here to give an idea of numbers.  NOTE all must register on BBO in the period two hours before the start time.

For the Glasgow Bulletin Trophy and the Beatrice Craig Cup,

Starting at 11am, Swiss Teams  6 rounds of 8 boards  with a 90 minute break after round 3

Estimated break time 1:50pm - 3:20pm.  Estimated finish 6:10pm

Pairs seeking team mates, please contact the convenor.  Please read: How to Register for Swiss Teams

Entry Fee

BBO$15 per person to be paid at registration on the day (this tournament was charged at £16 (over $21) per person when it was F2F).  

Master Points

Maximum award of 10 National Points based on an entry level of 24 teams. Awards to the top 1/4 of the field with an award of 0.25 for each match won and 0.13 for each match drawn.

Contact Fiona Greenwood