Competition Name Marion Hill Trophy
Holders Jim McMenemy, Paul Maiolani, Finlay Marshall, Patrick Home
Event Type Knockout teams of four, five or six.  
No. of Boards Rounds consist of 48 boards (unless both captains agree to 40 boards)

A consolation event for teams eliminated from the Gold Cup in the first round in which they play, providing this is no later than the second round.

Winners qualify to enter Silver Plate at the quarter-final stage which has to be to be played by 31 August, semi-final by 31 October and final by 31st December.

Venue This competition is run according to the rules of the Gold Cup. If travelling distance between two teams is greater than 80 miles then the match may be played at a central venue.
Entry Fee None except that £3 is payable by players added to a team during the competition.  Eligible teams will be assumed to be playing in this event.
Master Points Rounds 1 and 2 – ½. Quarter-final – 1. Semifinal - 1½. Final - 2.

Stewart Duguid
Telephone: 01292 263623
Address: 31 Park Circus, Ayr, KA7 2DJ