The Scottish National League is a league competition featuring most of Scotland’s top bridge players that is used to select teams for the Camrose Trophy. It is open to all members of the SBU who are eligible to play for Scotland.

The league is typically played over two weekends in October and November using club venues in Glasgow and Edinburgh. There is promotion and relegation at the end of the season with complex rules about team continuity for the following season.

The First Division normally has eight to ten teams and screens are used throughout.

The size of the Second Division, and other divisions, is dependent on the number of teams entering. It is hoped, at some point, to use screens in the Second Division subject to cost and space constraints.

All players in the First Division must be members of the SBU in good standing and be eligible to represent Scotland in the next Bridge Great Britain (BGB) Home International Series. 

In other divisions players must be members of the SBU in good standing and be prospectively eligible in the following season to represent Scotland in the Camrose Trophy.

The Matheson Trophy is presented to the winners of the league and the Alexander Trophy to the winners of the Second Division.

The closing date for entries is normally around 1 July. The league dates, entry fee, conditions of contest and other entry information will normally be posted here around the end of May.

Further information is available from Anne Perkins, International Committee chair.

Last season’s documents for reference purposes: