Sunday 24th November 2019

Jesner: Masters & Senior Masters
Johnston: Local & District Masters

Simultaneous Matchpointed Pairs playing up to 32 boards

This is to be played and scored as a combined event.  Prizes will be awarded equally equally between Jesner and Johnston entrants, with scores combined on ECats session number: 5444.

Max 10 National Points Awards to top third.
£5 pp to SBU + local table money.  Enter online via your district's website or to District Convener.

Ayrshire & West Ayrshire - Bridge Centre at 1pm (David Wiseman / Horst Kopleck)
Central - Dundee BC at 1pm (Moira McGregor)
East - Carlton BC at 12.00 midday (Fiona Greenwood)*************************************** late change to venue and start time ***********
Highland - Ness BC at 1:30pm (Tim Wickens)
North - Aberdeen BC at 1:30pm (Loraine Findlay)
South - tbc (Ian Ellison)