Holders: Chris Gurney & Thomson Kerr

Type: Matchpointed pairs.


The national final will be held at Buchanan BC, 4 Clairmont Gardens, Glasgow, G3 7LW

Sunday 26th April 2020 at 12 noon. 24 Pairs playing about 46 boards with a break ~ 2.45. End ~18h30

Catering: Tea and biscuits for all. Soup roll and cake can be pre-ordered at registration at a cost of £6 payable on the day. There will be a choice on the day. Please advise in advance of any dietary requirements. Please email Anne Coles to book the meal

Master Points:

National Final winners will be awarded a maximum of 20.00 National Points (NP = red) assuming a 24 pair Final, with subsequent lower awards to the top half of the field. If fewer than 24 pairs, the points awards will be adjusted pro-rata.


Please email  to book the catering above.



Alan Downie

Lorna Matheson


Andy Wilson

Jean Armstrong


David Deans

Norma Findlay


Wendy Collier

Bill Ross


David Wiseman 

Eddie McGeough


Adrian Eddolls 

Angela Knox


David Ripley 

Margaret MacCallum


Bob McPaul

Sandy Duncan


Liz McGowan

David Liggat


Ian sime

John Murdoch


Derek Sanders

Alex Adamson


John Hamilton

David Hamilton


Glen Falconer

Damien Murray


Ian Patrick

Bob McKinnon


Angus MacDonald

Gerry Murray


Peter Cairns

Jim McLaughlin


Peggy Donaldson

John Donaldson


Paul Maiolani

Jim McMenemy


Maida Grant

Sheila Macdonald


John Dick

Stuart McCreadie


Kevin Strathern

David Ritchie


Alex Cram

Raymond Levitus


Ian McLure

Kate Malkani


Jean Alln

Mike Woodcock


Venue: Heats in districts - to consist of a minimum of 8 pairs playing at least 26 boards. 

The number of currently known heats in each district is shown in parenthesis:

  • Ayrshire (final only)
  • Central (final only)
  • East (final only)
  • Highland (4 club heats)
  • North (final only)
  • South (no entry)
  • West (4 club heats)

District finals to be held by the 2 February 2020.

There will be no National semifinals.

District Finals








David Wiseman

 Ayrshire Bridge Centre

Saturday 1 February


9 3


Alan Kennedy

Dundee BC

Saturday 21 January


 10 3


Fiona Greenwood

 Carlton BC

Sunday 26 January

12 noon

22 6


Tim Wickens

Nairn Bowling Clubhouse, Albert Street, Nairn, IV12 4HP

Sunday 26 January


14 4


Stephen Findlay

Aberdeen BC

Sunday 2 February


cancelled -






 - -


Horst Kopleck

Glasgow Bridge Centre

Tuesday 28 January 


 27 8



Players should try to play within a district in which one of the pair’s home club belongs; players wishing to play in a heat at a District venue in which neither party is a member, must clear it with the District venue beforehand. N.B.: A player may only attempt to qualify once. If a player plays in a further heat, the event should be re-scored without the player & his/her partner's scores

Fifty percent (rounded up) of those playing in club heats will qualify for the District final.

The number of district qualification places in the National Final will depend upon the number of district semi-finalists, based upon an objective of a national final of 24 pairs. Players must score at least 50% in the District final to play in the National Final.

If there are call-offs for the Final, the District Secs should contact Anne Coles (  ) to check their options. Usually another pair will be allocated from the District. If the District cannot supply another pair with a score equal to or above 50% then the place will be offered to an appropriate pair from another district.  If we cannot get a total of 24 pairs who have scored at least 50% then the Final will be run with fewer pairs

Entry Fee:

£3 per player plus table money for heats held in clubs (collected at each heat).

£3 per player plus table money for the district final.

£7.50 per player (including table money) for the final.

Clubs holding heats will advise their District Secretary/Co-ordinator, who will ensure that the clubs holding heats within their District are publicised on the district website.

District Secretary/Co-ordinator role responsibilities  

Entry fees from heats should be sent by clubs to their District co-ordinator (see list above).

The District co-ordinator will:

  1. ensure transmission of district entry fees to the SBU Treasurer, each separately enumerated.
  2. collect and provide accurate club and district results data directly to the SBU.

For club results this to be done as soon as practical so that district qualification quotas can be determined and communicated before the district finals take place.

  1. be responsible for organising a District final.
  2. inform district qualifiers  

Master Points:

National Final winners will be awarded a maximum of 20.00 National Points assuming a 24 pair Final, with subsequent lower awards to the top half of the field. If fewer than 24 pairs, the points awards will be adjusted pro-rata.

District Final winners will be awarded a maximum of 3.00 NP (basic scale x 6). Subsequent awards are made to the top one-third of the field.

National points using the basic scale x 4 will be awarded to the top one-third of the field in heats held in clubs, provided there is at least 8 pairs playing at least 26 boards.

No master points should be issued by a club or district. The MEMPAD team will credit all points directly to the players’ MEMPAD record.

Results Format submission

Results data for each club heat, each district final and the national final must be provided in electronic form. The Districts are responsible to ensure the data (which must include player MP numbers) is sent to Alison Carmichael at congresspoints’ followed by the AT sign followed by ‘outlook.com’.

This is easily done from the results page of Scorebridge. Click on "Make File" and then "Spreadsheet". A file of the results will be created in the Bridgedata folder inside a sub-folder called Results.

If using the Jeff Smith PairsScorer programme, make sure that, within the "Report" section, the selection for "Rank+NBO numbers" is ticked. Then using the “Display on screen” button, you save file in a suitable location.

With either scoring program the resulting CSV file should be sent by the club to the Co-ordinator who will send the complete District set to ‘congresspoints’.

Any difficulties, please contact Alison Carmichael (congresspoints).

Bill Whyte – Member Services - 10 Jan 2017