General Rules and Conditions

1. The Scottish Cup is a knockout competition for Teams of Four. 
Each member of a team must be a member of the Scottish Bridge Union.  

2. Scoring is by International Match Points (imps) – see Law 78B, Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge 2007.       

3. Matches are to be played by the date specified by the Convener. Teams are expected to co-operate in the search for a date. Where teams are unable to agree on a date within the specified time period they may apply to the Convener to play on a later, agreed date. If problems are anticipated, team captains should keep the Convener apprised of the situation. Where there is no agreement, in exceptional circumstances the Convener will nominate a specific date. 

 4. As soon as possible after receiving notification of a match, the home captain should contact the away captain to arrange the date, venue and time.  Please offer as many dates as possible, and be prepared with dates for the following round as soon as the current one is complete. Default start times are 2 pm on a Saturday or Sunday 7pm on an evening.  In a situation where a team knows it may have problems finding a date for the next round, the captain should contact the Convenor as soon as possible to ascertain their next opponents.   

 5. The “home” team (the higher team in the draw) has the choice of venue unless the journey to be       undertaken by the away team is unduly inconvenient, in which case a neutral venue is chosen by the two captains (or the Convenor if no agreement can be reached). A journey of less than 100 miles is not normally deemed to be unduly inconvenient. The home team is responsible for providing suitable refreshments depending on the length of journey undertaken by the away team.  If the match is played in a neutral venue, the expenses for room hire and refreshments are shared equally between the two teams.  

6. The length of a match is:

Round 1, 2 and 3   32 boards  

Quarter-Final, Semi-Final 48 boards  

Final    64 boards 

In all matches, the choice of opponents for the first set is decided by lot.

32-board matches are played in two sets of 16 boards, opponents being changed at half time with the away team remaining seated.

48-board matches are played in four sets of 12 boards with the opponents changing after each set.  The away team remains seated after the first and third sets and the home team after the second set. The 64-board Final is played in four sets of 16 boards with the opponents changing after each set in the same way as for a 48-board match. 

7. No smoking is allowed during play unless both teams agree otherwise and, if the match is played in a club, the club rules permit smoking.  The home team must provide a separate smoking area. 

8. Master Points are awarded as follows  

Rounds1 & 2      2 National Master Points 

Round 3              3 National Master Points  

Round 4              4 National Master Points  

Quarter-Final                    6 National Master Points  

Semi-Final      12 National Master Points  

Final                      18 National Master Points 

 9. The result of a match must be forwarded to the Convenor by the winning captain within two days of the completion of the match.    

10. There will be eight seeded teams, with two seeded team placed in each quarter of the draw.   

11. The Highland District will have its own competition within that District.  The top two teams will enter the main draw at the round of the last sixteen, one in each half of the draw.

12. The normal SBU rules for Substitutes apply:

No substitution is allowed unless permission is given in advance by the Convenor. 

Permission may be refused if the Convenor deems that the proposed substitution will strengthen the team.  One substitute is normally allowed in any round.  Two substitutes are allowed only in exceptional circumstances.

 Match results must clearly identify any substitutes.  In all cases, the team is expected to revert to its original line-up in later rounds.  If a substitute is needed for a second time, the same player should be used. 

No more than six players may play for the team in the event.

A substitute player shall receive any Master Points and/or prizes won in the round that he plays. However, if a substitute plays in and wins the Final, the original team members are recorded as the winners and awarded the trophy. When a substitute persistently replaces a particular player in a team, the Convenor may decree that the substitute replaces that player as a member of the team.

13. The normal SBU rules for Withdrawals apply: When a player has to withdraw during play (e.g. because of illness), a substitute may be brought in.  If no substitute is available or the proposed substitute does not satisfy the general rules for substitutes (see paragraph11 above), the team loses the match.

14. The normal SBU rules for Splitting Ties apply: If there is a tie, extra boards are played.  The number of extra boards is one-eighth of the scheduled number for the match.  They are played in a single stanza with no seating rights – the captains write down their line- ups simultaneously.  If a tie still exists, additional sets of two boards are played until the tie is broken.

15. The following rules for Late Arrival apply:  Any player who is going to be late should notify the opposing team if possible. A player who fails to appear for a match without notification may be asked to submit a written explanation to the Laws & Ethics Committee.  If the explanation is deemed to be inadequate, the player will normally be barred from that event for one year and further penalties may be imposed. A team is automatically disqualified after one hour of un-notified late arrival or one and a half hours of notified late arrival for a match. When a player is late, one board is removed (from the first set) for each 7½ minutes or part thereof after the agreed time for the start of play.  For each such board, 3 imps are awarded to the non-offending team.                                           


The Convener is                             Liz McGowan                                                            0131 667 2432

                                                23 Blackford Road

                                                Edinburgh                                                           Email:

                                                EH9 2DT




1. The Scottish Cup Plate is a knockout competition for teams eliminated from the Scottish Cup in the first                                                                         match they play, provided that the match is Round 1 or 2. 

2. The rules for the competition are the same as for the Scottish Cup except as stated below.     

3. The length of a match is 

All rounds prior to the Final                 32 boards  

Final                                                     48 boards  

4. Master Points are awarded as follows  

Before Quarter-Final                   ½  National Master Point

Quarter-Final                                    1   National Master Point

Semi-Final                      1½  National Master Point  

Final                                     2   National Master Points  

5. There is no seeding but Highland District teams will be drawn against each other in the early rounds.