Convener's Responsibilities

Select and Book a Venue

There may be a fixed date - make sure that the venue is available

Some events require to be booked before the official calendar is confirmed: report bookings made for the
following year to the Tournament Committee Chair.

Event Publicity

Ensure that date, venue and starting times are correctly entered in SBU Handbook and Diary
(If an error creeps in, publicise the correct information using websites etc.)

Check website calendar and ensure that the event is prioritised at the appropriate time.

Make use of MP Secretary's mailing list and contact previous participants if possible who have not yet entered.

Appoint a Tournament Director

Unless you are acting as TD yourself, liaison at all stages is vital.

Accept and Chase Up Entries

Ensure that all necessary information (master point number, Home Club) is on the form.
Acknowledge all entries. Include a contact number for the venue in case of travel difficulties

Cash cheques promptly.

Cheques made out to SBU can be paid into the SBU account or sent to the Treasurer (Be sure to inform the Treasurer that you have done so, and explain what the money is for)

Update the list of participants with new Emails etc

Event Preparation

Keep TD and venue appraised of likely numbers.

Ensure that all necessary equipment will be available at the venue,

  • Tables and chairs
  • Table numbers
  • Movement cards
  • Bidding boxes
  • Bridgemates
  • Prepared boards
  • Scorecards
  • IMP and VP scales
  • Computer for scoring
  • Printer (with spare cartridge)
  • Paper
  • Display area for results, movements and other essential information
  • Spare Computer for Big Time; large letter IN
  • Copies of Laws
  • Systems booklet
  • Competition Booklet
  • Simple System Convention Cards (if appropriate)

(Your TD may be able to supply most/all of these - check)

Take Charge on the Day

(You may delegate responsibility, but be sure that your replacement knows exactly what to do)

  • Arrive early to oversee setup
  • Check off players on arrival and collect any outstanding entry fees
  • Make final decision about movement (See recommended Movements): flexibility is important
  • Listen to and note complaints and suggestions
  • Assist the TD in dealing with disciplinary issues
  • Make final decision about prize money. (Do not issues prizes till there has been time for checking).  Prizes may be given as M&S vouchers, but this is only worthwhile if ordered in advance from the SBU account. Otherwise ensure that you have your cheque book, or enough cash in clean notes.


Ensure that these are sent to the Event Convener (who will upload or otherwise arrange for the results to appear on the website),  SBU MP Secretary to ensure the results are posted as soon as possible after the event.


  1. Prepare accounts in the recommended format. Send copies to the Tournament Convener who will arrange distribution.
  2. Prepare a report for the Tournament Committee including anything that went wrong; how the TD performed; all complaints and suggestions from players; recommendations for improvement
  3. Report any disciplinary issues to the L&E ( Liz McGowan) - give details of the incident, players involved and how it was resolved.

Special Cases

Events held over several venues (Diamond, Jesner, Johnston, Kennedy)

Conveners responsibilities are largely devolved to local organizers, but these remain.

  • Select local organizer and make them aware of what must be done.
  • Supervise delivery of set boards usually by computer
  • Advise about appropriate movements
  • Take charge of scoring and results service
  • Organise prizes
  • Produce reports as per above

Qualifying events where there are heats in clubs/districts (Rayne & Women's)

  • Ensure that the Rules are up-to-date and properly entered in Handbook and website
  • Collect and collate entries from qualifying rounds
  • If necessary decide on the size of final, in as fair a manner as possible
  • Organise final stages as above

Prize Structures

Recommended that as a rough guide for one off events no more than 25% of entry fees

18/9/13 IH