• Lady Milne & Senior Camrose selections

    Based on the results of the Lady Milne & Senior Camrose combined trial held this weekend past, I can announce the two teams to represent Scotland. Lady Milne (due to be held in Wales in April 2022) - Abi Milne & Sheila Adamson, Liz McGowan & Fiona...

  • Senior/LM Trials

    Senior / Lady Milne Trials TOTAL Shenkin & McLatchie Short & Goodman Murdoch & Outred McGeough & Mason Smith & Bennett Peden & McKay Ash & Ferrari Maiolani & McMenemy McKinnon & Ferguson McGowan & McQuaker Dick & Hamilton Duncan & McPaul Aitchison &...

  • Senior European Trial

    GCoC and SuppCoC - images/users/10590/SBUTrialsGCoC202122.pdf images/users/10590/SeniorEuropeanTrial2022SCoC.pdf Harry Smith & Roy Bennett - images/users/10590/CardSmith-Bennett2021-10.pdf Mike Ash & Robert Ferrari -...

  • Lady Milne & Senior Camrose Trial

    Lady Milne Convention cards Senior Camrose convention cards

  • Dr David Perry

    We are very sad to announce that Dave died on Saturday night. Dave made a huge contribution to Scottish Bridge both locally and nationally. Locally he was President of Stirling Union Bridge Club in 1977 and 1988 and was Secretary 1974-77, 1978-82 and...

  • Lady Milne Trial 2020-21 convention cards

    Lady Milne Fiona Greenwood & Julia Palmer images/Julia_Palmer_-_Fiona_Greenwood_-_WBF_-_14_October_2020.pdf Sam Punch & Anne Symons images/CCScotlandPunch-SymonsWord(1).pdf Liz McGowan & Fiona McQuaker images/McGowan-McQuaker.pdf Laura Middleton & Ying...

  • International resources

    The following documents and links are used by the Selection Committee and contain important information about player eligibility and systems policy. 2020 Home International Series regulations - published by Bridge Great Britain covering the Camrose...

  • Trialists & Convention Cards 2015-16

    Registered system cards for National League and trials Click the pair for their system card. EBL/WBF system categories, other than green, are marked. Systems changed after initial publication will be marked ?. Note that each team is restricted to four...

  • International Committee

    The International Committee is a committee established by the Council of the Scottish Bridge Union. Its responsibilities include the selection of players and officials to represent Scotland in international bridge competitions and championships and the...

  • President's Foreword

    I learned to play Bridge as a student, and played intermittently before moving to Aberdeen where work and the travel involved meant that I dropped out of the bridge world for about 20 years. I started playing again in the mid-90s and I've been trying...


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