The home of Scottish Bridge

SOL is a competition for teams of 4 on BBO using a league structure.  Teams can consist of up to 8 members and they compete in divisions of 8-10 teams. Matches are played weekly with National masterpoints awarded for matches won, and promotion and relegation at the end of each iteration. There are 3 iterations each year and new teams can apply to join at the start of a new iteration. 

Winners of SOL7  :  Jason Hackett, Paul Hackett, Brian Senior, John Samson, Clive Owen, Diego Brenner

Divison 2 winners :  David Wiseman, Mike McGinley, Yvonne Wiseman, Adam Stokka, Sandra Wiseman, David Ripley

Division 3 winners : Anne Fitzpatrick, Harold Curran, Fergal O'Shea, Michael Coffey, Mary Kelly Rogers, Michael O'Kane, John Lavery

Divison 4 winners : Ron Hounsell, Laurence Archer, Susan Aitchison, Joan Lees, Tony Nolan

Division 5 winners : Findlay Macdonald, Fiona Abbott, Thomson Kerr, Janice Thomson, Donnie Graham, Ann Graham

Division 6 winners : Rod Jenkins, Alex Forsyth, Bill West, David MacDonald, Alistair Crawford

Division 7 winners : Fiona Braid, Gordon Cunningham, Anne Braid, Jim McClymont, Hazel Rutherford, David Wilbraham

Division 8 winners : Isla Thom, Aileen Stone, Sheena Dunn, Phemie Cameron, Duncan Ross