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Charges for SBU Online Tournaments

Available as a PDF at charges-for-sbu-online-tournaments-2020-v2.pdf

It is anticipated that events run by the SBU will be online for the rest of the current season (2021-2022), and in the light of this, a framework for charges, prizes and masterpoints which is fair and consistent has been developed.  (Note that clubs and districts do not need to make any changes and should continue to follow the Guidance for Clubs & Districts running tounaments on BBO.) :



Online Charge

Current Charge


Club tournaments

1 x local points

BBO$ 3

£  3.00   (BBO$  4.00)

Clubs to determine

District tournaments

2 x local points

BBO$ 5

£  7.50   (BBO$ 10.00)

Districts to determine

National tournaments

4 x local points

BBO$ 5 (Tues matchpoints)


To top 5  2 x $16  2x $12   2x $8   2x $5  2 x $3   Total  £66



BBO$ 6 (Sat Swiss)


To top 5  2 x $16  2x $12   2x $8   2 x $5  2 x $3  Total  £66






District tournaments1

Red points

BBO$ 12

£12.50  (BBO $16.67)

Districts to determine






National tournaments2

Red points

BBO$ 15

£16.00  (BBO$ 21.33)

Total prize money approx. 40% of surplus






Swiss Teams3

Red points


£16.00  (BBO$ 21.33)

Total prize money approx. 40% of surplus

1  double session e.g District Swiss Pairs           2 double session e.g Stirling Pairs              3  double session e.g.  Edwin Berry

The following principles apply

  • As of now, tournaments awarding higher levels of masterpoints have higher charges
  • National and District events should be charged at a level which does not risk reducing entries to Club tournaments
  • All charges for SBU online events are less than they were for the corresponding F2F events
  • Juniors have free entry for all SBU National Tournaments
  • Prizes will be awarded for SBU tournaments of more than 20 boards. These will be awarded in BBO$ for tournaments run on BBO (as per our contractual obligations) and in £ or equivalent for tournaments run on other platforms.

If you have any questions, please contact Fiona Greenwood, the SBU Finance Convenor.