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Entry to SBU online tournaments is restricted to SBU members. However, non-members may be used to make up a half table or as substitutes to cover disconnections.

Registration is open from two hours before an event up to the start time. Payment is made at registration in BBO$. SBU tournaments do not permit the rental of robot partners.

No kibitzers are permitted in events run at National and District level except in the last round for those registrants who have already finished play.

Whilst the SBU discourages permitting kibitzers, clubs may, if they choose, allow silent kibitzers throughout their events.

‘Brown Sticker’ conventions are not permitted.

Players may consult system notes during bidding but not to the extent that tempo is unduly affected.

You must ALERT and FULLY EXPLAIN all conventional bids at all levels including 3N and above.

2021-09-29 Financial Flows for Rayne Heats.xlsx


Doubles, redoubles and passes should be alerted if they have a specific meaning for your partner which your opponents may not understand. Examples include forcing passes, support doubles, and doubles of 1NT opener’s which are not for penalty.

If you forget to alert, then you should click on your bid as soon as possible. This opens up a box into which you can type an explanation. Your explanation will be displayed to both opponents.

Remember that Bridge is a game of full disclosure. Your opponents are entitled to be made aware of all your agreements

For further details on Alerting and Explaining please see SBUOnline_InstructionsforPlayersJAN21.pdf

SBU Masterpoints will be awarded as follows :

  • Club tournaments Local masterpoints awarded at the club scale
  • District tournaments Local masterpoints awarded at 2x club scale
  • National one session tournaments Local masterpoints awarded at 4 x club scale
  • National multi-session tournaments Red masterpoints awarded as per the CoC

If Districts wish to run events which award Red masterpoints, they should contact

Fiona Greenwood to confirm the date of their event, and

Alison Carmichael to ensure that the format is valid for masterpoints

You may appeal any ruling from the Tournament Director

  • Call the TD
  • State to the TD and the table that you wish to appeal
  • The TD will request information as necessary from both parties
  • The TD will consult as necessary
  • Both parties will be informed of the decision after the end of the tournament

If you are playing in a privately hosted teams match e.g. Scottish Cup, then both parties should agree to contact one of the referees on the SBU website. The list of referees can be found at List of Referees for Private Matches.


SBU Tournament Convener - Fiona Greenwood

August 2021