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Harrison Trophy 1 for Scottish Masters

Individual tournament for Scottish Masters only, 

You are eligible if your rank at the 1st April 2024 meets the entry criteria.   If you not sure if you qualify contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There will  be approx. 48 Boards.  the event will start around 10.10 am.  There will be a break for refreshment around 2.00pm. 

Price per person BBO$14, payable on the day.

There will be a limit of 32 players for this competition.

Please note the requirement to use a specific convention card: Simple system for Benjamin and Harrison

10 National Points to the winners with awards to the top half of the field (subject to a field of 25 players - awarded reduced pro rata for smaller field.)

This tournament is only open to SBU members.  Members who have their masterpoints routinely sent to other NBO’s are not eligible to play.

Event Information

Start Date Sunday 5 May 2024
Capacity 32
Registered 22 View Entrants
Essential Information 10.10 am start, Entry Fee BBO$14
Location BBO

Venue Information - BBO