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National Pairs Heats

There will be six heats:  Aberdeen, Prestwick, Edinburgh (Melville), Glasgow (GBC), Dundee, and Inverness.  Everybody will play the same hands and the event will be rescored over the field.   Between 30 and 36 boards will be played.

The winner of each heat will be guaranteed a place in the final (on the 13th April in the St Andrews Bridge Club, Glasgow)  plus the next best scores on the overall list.  The number of qualifiers will depend on the number of entries.  Last year there were 16 pairs in the final - this year we hope to get enough entries to have 24 pairs in the final.   

All heats are open to all SBU members, but players can only play in one heat.  

                                        Date                                   Start Time                 Tale Money
Aberdeen                   Sunday 17 March                       11.30                          £5.00
Inverness                   Sunday 17 March                       11.30                        
Melville                       Sunday 17 March                       13.00                          £6.00
Prestwick                    Saturday 16 March                     13.00                          £4.50                         
Glasgow GBC            Sunday 17 March                        11.30                          £6.00
Dundee                      Saturday 16 March                     13.00                          

Contact each club for details of the event. 

Club hosting the event set their table money, including £1.50 remitted to the SBU.  

Event Information

Start Date Saturday 16 Mar 2024
Location Held in Clubs