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National Summer Online Swiss Pairs - Bronze Players Only

The majority of our members are ranked as Bronze and this a tournament just for you.  In addition to the usual prizes, there will be prizes for Bronze 1 and 2 players:  Novice, Club, Local, and District Master. 

The event will start at 12 noon and there will be 7 x 5 board rounds, 35 boards in total.  Time allowed will be 8 minutes per board – longer than normal. 

It will be played on RealBridge.  If you have not played on RealBridge there is information here and there are Taster Sessions.  There will be helpers around before the start to provide help to get online of you need it. 

The entry fee for the event will be £20 per pair

Registration opens 1st July.

Event Information

Start Date Sunday 21 Jul 2024
Registration Opens Monday 1 Jul 2024
Registered 0
Essential Information 12 noon start, £20 per pair