I am pleased to announce the winning teams for each division of the Bronze League, played on BBO over 7 Wednesdays from the 27th May to the 8th July:

Division 1 – Fidra  from the Marmion Club with 96.76 VPs

Alastair White

Norman Lazonby

Alan Reid

John Skillen

Veronica Reid

Division 2 – EastNeuk from the St. Andrews Club with 98.67 VPs

Marc Shearer

Michèle Grainger

Peter Thommeny

George Watson

 (Division 2 was a very closely fought contest with 3 teams all in the 90+VP range, and only 0.76 of a VP between the winners and second place Acuity. Third place was taken by LouisRaiders, also with more than 90 VPs)

Division 3 – ColintonFive from the Colinton Castle Club with 97.94 VPs

Ian Thomson

David Nisbet

Ian Campbell

Sue Campbell

Jane Harper

Division 4 – DoonByTheCoast from clubs in Ayrshire with 93.95 VPs

Hazel Rutherford

David Wilbraham

Fiona Braid

Gordon Cunningham

  (Division 4 also had 3 teams with over 90 VPs. Second place were Cobra, and third place went to JacobinsLite)

Division 5 – Icon from Iconoclasts League with 105.59 VPs

Adrian Eastwood

Kay Robertson

Graham Clarkson

Andy Clarkson

  (2nd place went to Pentland Panthers will 99.1 VPs and 3rd to FifeAces with 91.56 VPs)

Division 6 – Over70s from Glasgow Bridge Centre with 115.43 VPs

Lewis Geneen

Mervyn Lovat

Roy Levine

Tony Goldberg

  (me thinks the Over70s were in the wrong division to score that amount…. Just wait for your promotion next time!)

Division 7 – CraftyLadies from Montrose Bridge Club with 101.88 VPs

Sheenagh Young

Linda Grieve

Jane Guthrie

Joan Cargill

  (also above 90, and second place were The Commies with 95.74 VPs)

Division 8 – Razputin from the Carlton Club with 104.4 VPs

Pippy Tyler

Patrick Tyler

Val Beamish

Judy Hepburn

Eman Clayburn

Eileen Dwyer

Division 9 – TheMillimajors from Marmion Bridge Club (and friends) with 75.49 VPs

Henry Somerset

Richard Heis

Liz MacColl

Gill Morrison


Congratulations to the winning teams and thank you to all the participants for staying the course.