The following teams have qualified for the Bronze Team Final on Sunday 5 April 2020. Full details for the final can be seen in the entry details for the event here and qualifiers should confirm to the convener that they will be attending the final.

District Team       Score District Allocation Finalists and Reserves Playing in Final
Highland Sheila Cochrane Wilma Halliburton Alistair Smillie Roy Laing 66 2 F Yes
Highland Cath MacKay Pat Henderson Fiona Scully David Olive 63   F No
Highland Steve Terry Gill Terry Mary-Jane Campbell Connie McCulloch 59   R No
Highland David McLeod Miriam Drysdale Janet MacPherson Louise James 50   R No
Highland Pam Hogan Margaret Lewis Carol Tesmer Ron Tesmer 37   R  
Highland Carola Selwyn Rita Purves Elizabeth Gray Jimmy Ferguson 25   R  
East A Margaret Clark Venetia Thomson Sylvia Cooke Susan Dick 114 4 F  
East A Jane Carnegie Andrew Carnegie Tony Hasler Marianne Hasler 105   F  
East A Allan Ainslie Iain McLaren Scott MacDonald Peter Bowbrick 101   F  
East A Wendy Chambers Sandra Neil Moira Poyser Norman Poyser 90   F  
East A Maurice Franceschi Janet Unsworth Alison Littleboy Graham Dempsey 84   R  
East A Roger Rist Linda Sime Ross Angus Kate Fulton 81   R  
East A Stewart Green Helen Noble Jon Gibson Walter Hamilton 77   R  
East A Carolyn Cuthbert Andrea Targett Adams Margaret Kinghorn Dawn Henderson 73   R  
East A Donald Gray Andy Gray Patricial Campbell Ann Cole 48   R  
East A Anne Fisher Sheila Quinn Angie Warren David Fraser 27   R  
East B Ian Thomson David Nisbet Julia Campbell Rob Hickling 120 3 F  
East B Gordon Milne Steven Henderson Denis Higginbotham Robin Bauld 97   F  
East B Marina Evans Robert Waugh Sarah Gunn Amanda Aberdour 96   R  
East B Fergus Nicoll Trish Gordon Joyce Clemie Esther Green 96  

F - on split with team above

East B Frances Mary Kay Billy McGee Marilyn McDonagh Eldrydd Robinson 75   R  
East B Patrick Tyler Pippy Tyler Mike Hammett Heather Lickley 73   R  
East B Denis Howell Margaret Anne Byron Fiona Davies Norma Kerr 67   R  
East B Irene Carter Angela Marsland Pat Lawson Sandra Watson 50   R  
East B Marie Claude Hastings Beverley Beasant Margaret Cook Helen McCormac 46   R  
Ayrshire David Sands Hazel Rutherford Roland Bradbury Sheila Templeton 45 1 F Yes
Ayrshire Douglas Denham Stewart Denham Ann Hamilton Rodger Brown 35   R  
Ayrshire Douglas Woodburn Chris Phillips John Eland Irene Eland 32   R  
Ayrshire Hazel Leitch Helen Martin Carolyn Christie Dorothy Monnickendum 8   R  
Central Fiona Jeffrey Lynn Fullerton Jackie Primrose Ailsa Malcolm 90 2 F Yes
Central Valerie Lacey Linda Conway Gillian Simpson Catherine Sharp 69   F  
Central Jane Guthrie Joan Cargill Linda Grieve Sheenagh Young 60   R  
Central David Deans Maureen Annan Norma Findlay Sheila Herd 57   R  
Central Helen Davidson Chris Fowlie Mareth Lindsay Dorothy Smith 56   R  
Central Alice Cowieson Sandy Forbes Valerie Hayhow Jean Melville 54   R  
Central Alison Almond Hazel Salmond Gwen Nelson Joan Hutton 34   R  
West Harry Archibald Susan Geddes Barry McCulloch Jamie Walker 78 2 F Yes
West Alan Kirk Cora Van Griethayson Alison McKeown Peter Edmond 71   F  
West Neil Bulleid David Bruce Joyce Shannon Malcolm Shannon 63   R  
West Tony Irwin Snr Tony Irwin Jnr Jerry Smith Barbara Humphries 48   R  
West Danny Lapi Bill Paterson Catherine Lapi Jacqueline Paterson 40   R