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The TD this afternoon advised that you had kindly agreed to invite comments and I would be grateful for your advice Rd hand 12

Here is how the bidding went ;

NB:1C ; NB :1S

NB : 2C :NB: NB

 I did not think I was strong enough to reverse .

How should this hand be bid ?  Thanks  David

Liz replies:

Thank you for your query, David

Playing Acol I cannot really suggest any improvement to your auction.

As you say, you are not strong enough to rebid 2H, and partner is not really worth another bid either.

The only alternative would be to open 1NT, which I might recommend if your clubs were much weaker and you had honours in your doubletons, so that a 2C rebid was unpalatable.

A strong no-trumper would probably rebid 1NT over 1S and so reach the top spot.

It looks as if you cannot make many tricks in any contract, so if you got a plus score you should be pleased

Many thanks for offering to provide feed back on some of the hands we played on Saturday. We would be interested in your thoughts on boards: 5, 21, and 25, from Marilyn

Liz replies:

Board 5                

Looks like a normal 3C pre-empt for North, over which South will fancy their chances in game.

South might bid 3S, new suit forcing, in case partner has some support.

The problem is that when North cannot raise spades he is unlikely to find a 3NT rebid: more likely he will bid 4C. South can raise that to game, but 5 of a minor scores badly at Pairs (unless 3NT is failing) So as South I would simply try 3NT, relying on partner’s vulnerable 1st hand pre-empt to be sound.

This might go badly wrong if clubs do not run, but you have to take some risks at Pairs

Board 21

Some bold Easts may upgrade to 1NT, South will overcall to show the Majors but West will likely brush that aside and raise to the making 3NT.

If North and East pass South should open 1S in 3rd seat – holding the Majors and with no rebid problem. West is just about worth a double – he does have 4 hearts. East will respond 2NT to show his maximum pass and West should raise to 3NT. South leads a heart, but West has a stopper for the 9th trick. (If the defence abandon hearts you can establish an extra spade instead) Some Wests will decide not to bid over 1S. If that is passed out South will not enjoy the play much but should score well for even -3. If North tries to improve the contract things might go badly wrong if East or West can find a double.

Board 25

I would open 1C as South – we play 4-card majors, but when my hand is so strong I do not want to push partner into a 1NT response. (I would open 1S with a 15-count to keep opponents quiet when I can happily pass 1NT). West overcalls 1H and North passes. Whether East raises to 2H or not I can make a takeout double to show my extras, then pass partner’s 2S response. North may struggle to find entries to hand but does better not to bother with finesses into the stronger opponent.

EW may compete to 3H, scoring -100 which is better than -110.

If South opens 1S West should probably overcall 2H at Pairs – not at teams scoring – because it is important to compete. After this start it is likely that everybody will get too high

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