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I am pleased to Announce that the winners of the recently completed SBU Bronze League 4Q23 Iteration were:  


Division 1 Winners


Winners: ColintonFour  Captain: Ian Campbell Scoring: 114.56 VPs
       (Teammates: Sue Campbell, Moira Poyser, Norman Poyser, Robert Hickling )
Runners-Up: LithgaePlayers  Captain: Graham Vincent Scoring: 111.13 VPs
       (Teammates: Andy McKinnell, Paul Beaumont, Alasdair McKechnie, Steven Hall, Fiona Hall )

Division 2 Winners


Winners: Amisfield  Captain: John Holcroft Scoring: 101.36 VPs
       (Teammates: Kate Borgman, David Carlisle, Gavin Easton, Niall Donaldson, Stephen Wilson )
Runners-Up: HEDJ  Captain: Jim Morris Scoring: 97.43 VPs
       (Teammates: Elizabeth Morris, David Allison, Helen Allison )

Division 3 Winners


Winners: TheFunbars  Captain: Jane Frier Scoring: 150.53 VPs
       (Teammates: Marjory Gracie, Fred Milligan, Margaret Forrest, Moira Brown )
Runners-Up: Millig  Captain: Kirsty Hassall Scoring: 107.61 VPs
       (Teammates: Joyce Hamilton, Carol Calder, Jean Murdoch, Claire Harper, Gwynneth Yates )

Division 4 Winners


Winners: TheRuffClub  Captain: Sheila Cochrane Scoring: 102.21 VPs
       (Teammates: Margaret Tait, Elspeth Burnside, Ian Fraser, Alistair Smillie, Roy Laing )
Runners-Up: TintoTigers  Captain: Archie Hunter Scoring: 92.37 VPs
       (Teammates: Marion Macmillan, Deirdre Gardiner, Kaye Brown, Myra Tait, Helen MacLennan, David Kerr )

Congratulations to all of those who took part in this, the 16th iteration of the Bronze League. Howard Greenwell - Bronze League Convener