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The winners of the recently completed Bronze League 12 tournament - from September to December 2022 were:

Division 1 Winners


Winners: Acuity  Captain: John Allen Scoring: 100.1 VPs
       (Teammates: Agnes Munro, David Dunn, Willie Davidson )
Runners-Up: ColintonFour  Captain: Ian Campbell Scoring: 96.43 VPs
       (Teammates: Sue Campbell, Norman Poyser, Moira Poyser, Robert Hickling )

Division 2 Winners


Winners: HighSchoolOfGlasgow  Captain: Danny Hamilton Scoring: 119.89 VPs
       (Teammates: Kevin Ren, Michael Kennedy, Harry Stuart, Alexander Duncan, Aidan Woodley )
Runners-Up: Royal Northern  Captain: Caroline Findlay Scoring: 93.3 VPs
       (Teammates: Matthew Chisholm, Christine Baillie, Ruth Scullion, Morag Young, Sheenagh McCutcheon )

Division 3 Winners


Winners: LithgaePlayers  Captain: Graham Vincent Scoring: 119.13 VPs
       (Teammates: Andy McKinnell, Steven Hall, Fiona Hall, Alasdair McKechnie, Paul Beaumont )
Runners-Up: Pjjams  Captain: Ann Bunker Scoring: 101.24 VPs
       (Teammates: JaneL Mackie, Suzie Laughland, Margaret Anne Byron, Patrick Lawrence, John Everett )

Division 4 Winners


Winners: SilverSurfers  Captain: Sheila Cochrane Scoring: 104.94 VPs
       (Teammates: Elspeth Burnside, Alistair Smillie, Roy Laing )
Runners-Up: AberdourHarbour  Captain: Tony Hasler Scoring: 104.45 VPs
       (Teammates: Marianne Hasler, John Bielski, Betty Bielska )

Division 5 Winners


Winners: MALARKY  Captain: Margery Menzies Scoring: 88.88 VPs
       (Teammates: Lyn Wilson, Helen Barrie, Kath Fallon, Jennifer Paterson, Harry Menzies )
Runners-Up: TintoTigers  Captain: Archie Hunter Scoring: 78.19 VPs
       (Teammates: Marion Macmillan, Helen MacLennan, Deirdre Gardiner, Myra Tait, Kaye Brown )

 Congratulations to all of those who took part. 

Registration for Bronze League 1Q23 is now open. Registration will close on 11th January 2023, with first matches played on 18th January 2023. Please visit: to register for the league.