Bronze Only Events

Alan Fairlie Individual - Event Entry Information - for District Masters & below
Alan Fairlie Individual - Winners - for District Masters & below
Alan Fairlie Individual 2012-13 won by Gillian Godfrey
Alan Fairlie Individual 2013-14 won by Nicol Taylor
Alan Fairlie Individual 2014-15 won by Anne Young
Alan Fairlie Individual 2015-16 won by Norrie O'Neill
Alan Fairlie Individual 2016-17 won by David Hamilton
Alan Fairlie Individual 2017-18 won by Tadeusz Janowski
Bronze Pairs - Event Entry Information - Thea Teale Trophy
Bronze Pairs - Winners - Thea Teale Trophy
Bronze Pairs 2016-17 won by Jean Parker & Mary Thomson
Bronze Pairs 2017-18 won by Keith Clark & Ishbel Clark
Bronze Teams - Event Entry Information
Bronze Teams - Winners
Bronze Teams 2016-17 Results - won by Duxbury, Petitt, Hickling & Webb
Bronze Teams 2017-18 won by Kate & Alan Stewart, Susan Geddes & Harry Archibald
Bronze Teams Final
Hugh Kelsey Cup - Event Entry Information - for players in classes
Hugh Kelsey Cup - Winners
Hugh Kelsey Cup 2012-13 won by Alan MacPherson & David Frame
Hugh Kelsey Cup 2014-15 won by Alison Gavine & Freida Soutar
Jesner Trophy - Winners - Masters & Senior Masters
Jesner Trophy 2012-13 won by Bett Morrison & Ritchie Thompson
Jesner Trophy 2013-14 won by Andy Wilson & Jean Armstrong
Jesner Trophy 2014-15 won by Robert Dickson & Nicol Taylor
Jesner Trophy 2015-16 won by Bill West & Rod Jenkins
Jesner Trophy 2016-17 won by Noel Goldthorp & Margot Tuley
Jesner-Johnston 2018-19 won by Tyres and Somervilles
Jesner-Johnston Ranked Pairs - Event Entry Information - for Masters/Senior/District/Local Masters
Johnston Trophy - Winners - District Masters
Johnston Trophy 2012-13 won by Gary McGinley & Charles Russell
Johnston Trophy 2013-14 won by Flo Sutherland & Elaine Slinn
Johnston Trophy 2014-15 won by Alex Sutherland & Anne Young
Johnston Trophy 2015-16 won by Diana Fairlie & Pat Booth
Johnston Trophy 2016-17 won by David & Wendy Chambers
Kennedy 2019 won by tony & Anthony Irwin
Kennedy Trophy - Event Entry Information - for Club Master and Novices
Kennedy Trophy - Winners - Club & Local Masters
Kennedy Trophy 2012-13 won by Willie McGruer & Maggie Greer
Kennedy Trophy 2013-14 won by Alex Sutherland & Anne Young
Kennedy Trophy 2014-15 won by Christine McNaughton & Maurice Franceschi
Kennedy Trophy 2015-16 won by Alison Mutch & Pauline Waugh
Kennedy Trophy 2016-17 won by Norman & Mary Stewart
Kennedy Trophy 2018 won by Carole Macartney & Sheena Spence
Shenkin Trophy - Event Entry Information - for Masters & Senior Masters
Shenkin Trophy - Winners - for Masters & Senior Masters
Shenkin Trophy 2012-13 won by Ann Gray
Shenkin Trophy 2013-14 won by Maggie Payne
Shenkin Trophy 2014-15 won by Frances McKeon
Shenkin Trophy 2015-16 won by Alex O'Hara
Shenkin Trophy 2016-17 won by Gillian Godfrey
Shenkin Trophy 2018 won by Peter Boni
Thea Teale Bronze Pairs 20181103 won by Tom Bagnall & Malgorzata Rozman