I am please to announce the winners of each of the Divisions in the SBU Bronze League 5 are as follows:



Division 1 Winners


Winners: RitchiesRemorse  Captain: Richard Thomson Scoring: 100.17 VPs
       (Teammates: Tom Robertson, Derry Ford, lorraine Robb, Rose Crocket )
Runners-Up: Fidra  Captain: Norman Lazonby Scoring: 98.21 VPs
       (Teammates: Alastair White, Alan Reid, John Skillen, Veronica Reid )

Division 2 Winners


Winners: PentlandPolecats  Captain: Kevin McCullough Scoring: 86.93 VPs
       (Teammates: Stewart Morris, Tim Lambert, Rob Thornton, Ken Brown, Peter Boni )
Runners-Up: ColintonFour  Captain: Ian Thomson Scoring: 84.93 VPs
       (Teammates: Jane Harper, Ian Campbell, Sue Campbell )

Division 3 Winners


Winners: Taybridgemates  Captain: Chris Goode Scoring: 87.31 VPs
       (Teammates: Lynne Goode, John MacMillan, Caroline MacMillan, Liz Johnston, Alice Cowieson )
Runners-Up: Fifers  Captain: Jane Carnegie Scoring: 80.89 VPs
       (Teammates: Andrew Carnegie, Bob Robertson, Helen Todd, Nan McKay, Sandy Greenhill )

Division 4 Winners


Winners: TrapRain  Captain: Anne McIntosh Scoring: 100.06 VPs
       (Teammates: Derick Mcintosh, Bill Miller, Robert Jones )
Runners-Up: KestrelBlues  Captain: Roger Rist Scoring: 86.09 VPs
       (Teammates: Ross Angus, Margaret Clark, Fiona Cockburn, Gail Corbett, Marian Duff )

Division 5 Winners


Winners: Hedj  Captain: Jim Morris Scoring: 89.93 VPs
       (Teammates: Elizabeth Morris, David Allison, Helen Allison )
Runners-Up: BidenNoTrump  Captain: Stephanie Silverstone Scoring: 89.25 VPs
       (Teammates: Clive Aronson, Bernard Solomons, Joe Fell, Sheila Fell, Bill Gardener )

Division 6 Winners


Winners: 6Hearts  Captain: Stewart Green Scoring: 105 VPs
       (Teammates: Helen Noble, Jonathan Gibson, Flora Brodie, Jo Walker, Susan Middleton )
Runners-Up: 6NoChumps  Captain: Felicity McLelland Scoring: 103.5 VPs
       (Teammates: Jennie Macdonald, Cecilia McRitchie, Diana Ritchie, Jack Siverstone, Chris Lennox )

Division 7 Winners


Winners: Granary  Captain: Kirsty Hassall Scoring: 134.4 VPs
       (Teammates: Michael Whitaker, Carol Calder, Jean Murdoch, Claire Harper, Joyce Hamilton )
Runners-Up: Neidpath  Captain: Derek McLachlan Scoring: 122.69 VPs
       (Teammates: Gordon Milne, Denis Higginbotham, Steven Henderson )

Division 8 Winners


Winners: Biggar  Captain: Cathy Cursiter Scoring: 131.5 VPs
       (Teammates: Stephen Hagan, Maggie Dunbar, Peter Woodifield, May Cameron )
Runners-Up: WarristonWonders  Captain: Eldrydd Robinson Scoring: 110.86 VPs
       (Teammates: Marilyn McDonagh, Dorothy Middleton, Judith Smeaton, Billy Mcgee, Frances Kay )


Congratulations to all the winners, and indeed, all those who too part. Good luck in Bronze League 6. (Howard Greenwell, organiser).

Congratulations to the winners of five ranked pairs events:

Arthur: Charles Outred & Nigel Guthrie; Bowman: David Ripley & David Wiseman

Fairlie: Eilidh Rennie & David Hamilton; Jesner: Marina Evans & Sarah Gunn

Johnston: Barbara Reay & Stuart Morrison

The Kennedy was combined with the Johnston but unfortunately there were not enough entrants to score separately.

The 4th iteration of the Scottish Online League is starting on Monday 10th May.  The league will run for approximately 9 weeks with a further two week period to play any postponed matches.  New teams are most welcome to register.

There will be a break after SOL4.  SOL5 will start in September and rankings from earlier iterations will be used to inform placing teams rejoining.

Entries from those registered in SOL3 have been tenmporarily rolled over but must confirmed by 1st May.