Now’s the chance to watch the bridge documentary everyone’s talking about! ACES & KNAVES is a tale of triumph and tears, points and partners, crime and punishment, told by world champions and mere mortals (Bill Gates among them).


The film is available to view at any time from now until the end of Sunday 30 May. A share of the proceeds of ticket sales will support the ongoing work of Bridge: A MindSport for All (BAMSA) at the University of Stirling.


Included in the ticket price is an invitation to join an online discussion about the film on Sunday 23 May at 7.30pm. In conversation with the director Jackie Paré will be bridge legend Zia Mahmood, who appears in the film, and BAMSA founder and international player Samantha Punch.

Consider watching with your non-bridge playing family or friends. Perhaps they may be curious about what you get up to when you disappear for hours on end to play cards? They are likely to see aspects of the game which surprise them, and they may even be enticed to join a taster session or start lessons.

For more information and to buy tickets, go to ACES & KNAVES (showandtell.film)


BAMSA screening of ACES & KNAVES

Viewing: 20 May, 1pm (BST) – 30 May 
Discussion: Sunday 23 May, 7.30pm (BST - UK time)

Donald Shamash, who stood down as President of South District at last year’s AGM, died last week.

One of Donald’s great loves was Bridge and he was a major inspiration for the game in South West Scotland. Not only was he a formidable player but was exceptional at teaching others, whatever their age or standard, and at communicating his enthusiasm to them.

A fine example of this occurred when, some twenty years ago, his nephews at Kirkcudbright Academy told him that there was no Bridge activity there at all, let alone any participation in schools’ competitions. He personally inaugurated a teaching programme for the pupils with such success that, within two years, the Academy was the winner of the Scottish Schools Championship – which had hitherto been the preserve of large private schools.

He was President of the Kirkcudbright Bridge Club for many years and, when it appeared to be in danger of failing, was instrumental in giving it a new lease of life, running regular  classes there, encouraging new members and promoting competitions and events. He was also a leading light in the Loreburn Club in Dumfries, perhaps the major club in the area.

He managed a Kirkcudbright team which performed year after year in the South West Scotland league, the Daily Record Cup and other local competitions, winning frequently and always being the team which rivals had to beat to succeed. Indeed, there is probably hardly a cup or competition in the area for which he was eligible of which he was not the holder many times over. For two years he was the President of the Southern District of the Scottish Bridge Union.

But, quite apart from his success in competitive Bridge, he was always ready for a game with players of lesser standard, imparting to them his enthusiasm, skill and love of the game.  While always competitive, whatever was at stake, he was the most patient and encouraging partner you could have.

I am please to announce the winners of each of the Divisions in the SBU Bronze League are as follows:



Division 1 Winners


Winners: RitchiesRemorse  Captain: Richard Thomson Scoring: 100.17 VPs
       (Teammates: Tom Robertson, Derry Ford, lorraine Robb, Rose Crocket )
Runners-Up: Fidra  Captain: Norman Lazonby Scoring: 98.21 VPs
       (Teammates: Alastair White, Alan Reid, John Skillen, Veronica Reid )

Division 2 Winners


Winners: PentlandPolecats  Captain: Kevin McCullough Scoring: 86.93 VPs
       (Teammates: Stewart Morris, Tim Lambert, Rob Thornton, Ken Brown, Peter Boni )
Runners-Up: ColintonFour  Captain: Ian Thomson Scoring: 84.93 VPs
       (Teammates: Jane Harper, Ian Campbell, Sue Campbell )

Division 3 Winners


Winners: Taybridgemates  Captain: Chris Goode Scoring: 87.31 VPs
       (Teammates: Lynne Goode, John MacMillan, Caroline MacMillan, Liz Johnston, Alice Cowieson )
Runners-Up: Fifers  Captain: Jane Carnegie Scoring: 80.89 VPs
       (Teammates: Andrew Carnegie, Bob Robertson, Helen Todd, Nan McKay, Sandy Greenhill )

Division 4 Winners


Winners: TrapRain  Captain: Anne McIntosh Scoring: 100.06 VPs
       (Teammates: Derick Mcintosh, Bill Miller, Robert Jones )
Runners-Up: KestrelBlues  Captain: Roger Rist Scoring: 86.09 VPs
       (Teammates: Ross Angus, Margaret Clark, Fiona Cockburn, Gail Corbett, Marian Duff )

Division 5 Winners


Winners: Hedj  Captain: Jim Morris Scoring: 89.93 VPs
       (Teammates: Elizabeth Morris, David Allison, Helen Allison )
Runners-Up: BidenNoTrump  Captain: Stephanie Silverstone Scoring: 89.25 VPs
       (Teammates: Clive Aronson, Bernard Solomons, Joe Fell, Sheila Fell, Bill Gardener )

Division 6 Winners


Winners: 6Hearts  Captain: Stewart Green Scoring: 105 VPs
       (Teammates: Helen Noble, Jonathan Gibson, Flora Brodie, Jo Walker, Susan Middleton )
Runners-Up: 6NoChumps  Captain: Felicity McLelland Scoring: 103.5 VPs
       (Teammates: Jennie Macdonald, Cecilia McRitchie, Diana Ritchie, Jack Siverstone, Chris Lennox )

Division 7 Winners


Winners: Granary  Captain: Kirsty Hassall Scoring: 134.4 VPs
       (Teammates: Michael Whitaker, Carol Calder, Jean Murdoch, Claire Harper, Joyce Hamilton )
Runners-Up: Neidpath  Captain: Derek McLachlan Scoring: 122.69 VPs
       (Teammates: Gordon Milne, Denis Higginbotham, Steven Henderson )

Division 8 Winners


Winners: Biggar  Captain: Cathy Cursiter Scoring: 131.5 VPs
       (Teammates: Stephen Hagan, Maggie Dunbar, Peter Woodifield, May Cameron )
Runners-Up: WarristonWonders  Captain: Eldrydd Robinson Scoring: 110.86 VPs
       (Teammates: Marilyn McDonagh, Dorothy Middleton, Judith Smeaton, Billy Mcgee, Frances Kay )


Congratulations to all the winners, and indeed, all those who too part. Good luck in Bronze League 6. (Howard Greenwell, organiser).