Gold Cup 2016/17

More information on the specific arrangements in Scotland

I have been asked to provide a little more detail on how the event this year will run.  The intention is to encourage entries and recognise travelling difficulties teams from Scotland by playing Rounds 1-3 on the basis of a localised draw that takes account of location and seeding within Scotland but national seeding takes precedence. So if one team is seeded across UK it will automatically to top seed in Scotland and enter the draw in Rd 3.

Based on the number of entries one or more teams will enter the UK wide draw in Rd of 32.  If there are more than one team the SBU will organise an additional match to determine the winner of its own prize for Scottish Gold Cup teams.

The consolation event for the Marion Hill trophy will operate as previously, with the winners joining the Silver Plate at the quarter-final stage.  It is being suggested that the final stages of the Silver Plate take place over a weekend alongside the Gold Cup finals.

MP awards are as shown on the BGB information, ‘green’ points being translated to Red points.

Mike Ash

BGB rep for SBU