I am pleased to announce the winning teams for each division of the Bronze League 2, played on BBO over 7/9 Wednesdays from the 26th August to the 21st October. Divisions 1 to 7 played in groups of 8 over 7 weeks, and Division 8 had two extra teams playing over 9 Wednesdays. The Winners and Runners-Up in each Division are:


Division 1 Winners

Winners:LouisRaiders (Raymond Blin, Louis Glekin, David Edelman, Charles Fogelman)94.83 VPs
Runners-Up:EastNeuk (Marc Shearer, George Watson, Michele Grainger, Peter Thommeny)94.05 VPs

Division 2 Winners

Winners:ColintonFive (Ian Thomson, David Nisbet, Jane Harper, Sue Campbell, Ian Campbell)94.22 VPs
Runners-Up:ElsAngels (Tom Aitchison, Anne Hood, Elaine Morris, Eleanor Logan, Linda Watson, Hamish Watson)88.27 VPs

Division 3 Winners

Winners:Icon (Adrian Eastwood, Kay Robertson, Graham Clarkson, Andy Clarkson)107.97 VPs
Runners-Up:Cobra (David Chambers, Wendy Chambers, Julia Campbell, Rob Hickling, David Hartley)102.01 VPs

Division 4 Winners

Winners:FifeAces (Nicola Dean, Fiona McElhinney, Gertrud Mallon, Sue Smith)88.79 VPs
Runners-Up:PentlandPanthers (Patricia Gilmore, Fiona Mackie, Alison Holwill, Mary Davidson, Ken Brown, Peter Boni)83.27 VPs

Division 5 Winners

Winners:Splinters (Hamish Wallace, Tom Kelsey, Janet Unsworth, Maurice Franceschi)100.47 VPs
Runners-Up:AberdourHarbour (Tony Hasler, Marianne Hasler, John Bielski, Betty Bielska)81.27 VPs

Division 6 Winners

Winners:Cathurians (John Glen, Jenny Glen, Patricia Sweet, John Gough, Morag Easton, Susan Green)85.14 VPs
Runners-Up:RuffClub (Hilarie Howarth, Margaret Tait, Kate Aggett, Liz Kelly, Elspeth Burnside, Ian Fraser)77.02 VPs

Division 7 Winners

Winners:Bridgettes (Gillian Simpson, Kate Sharp, Linda Conway, Nicki Traynor, Phil Holden)108.17 VPs
Runners-Up:Millimajors (Henry Somerset, Richard Heis, Liz McColl, Joan Falconer, Gill Morrison)89.08 VPs

Division 8 Winners

Winners:PostmanPete (Gordon M Wowk, Bill Hamilton, Barbara Robertson, Peter Gorniak, Larry Watson)126.47 VPs
Runners-Up:Boat4 (Anne Aitken, Ken Aitken, Sue McLaren, Pam Roxburgh, Duncan Stewart, Isobel MacEachern)126.35 VPs

Congratulations to all of the teams who took part in this League. Howard Greenwell