The land of Oz has featured in books and films, but not until Alex Adamson & Harry Smith started investigating did it become clear that most of the population are bridge players. Focusing their attention on the Over the Rainbow Bridge Club in Munchkinland in the land of Oz, they have found a bridge club full of characters with so many of the features of players to be seen in all the bridge clubs in Scotland, and, doubtless, elsewhere.

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In Double, Double, Toil and Trouble, the third and final volume, the Over the Rainbow Bridge Club is threatened by dark forces. Can Dorothy and her friends come to the rescue? Will the Lion have the courage to stand up to them? Will the Scarecrow understand what is happening? Will the Tin Man even care?

In the first volume, If I Only Had A Heart, we met Dorothy and her friends and followed them through a year at the Over the Rainbow Bridge Club.

In the second volume, Bridge Over The Rainbow, two new arrivals stirred up rivalries that saw the club members taking to the road, desperate to outdo each other.

The trilogy is complete!

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