"Bronze Brunches" Saturdays 11:45

The SBU is pleased to continue its weekend event for all Bronze Players.

12 Boards Bronze Pairs  $1.50 on BBO. Registration opens 2 hours beforehand (both players must be online at the same time to register). 

Login to BBO. Click Competitive, All Tournaments and search for an SBU host (SBU_x_xxx where "x_xxx" will vary), with BRONZE BRUNCH in title

Next host: SBU_W_HAM


1. The host will vary from week to week, but will be of the form SBU_x_xxx.

2. The event is restricted to SBU Bronze players who have saved their BBO name on Mempad. Avoid last minute panic by having your BBO username recorded on Mempad at least 24 hours before.