On Monday 20th April, Bridge Overseas Ltd.will be sending the following statement to all SBU members who have booked the May 2020 Congress event:


Due to FCO travel advice against all but essential travel, we are disappointed to announce that we now cannot go ahead with our planned holiday congress to Majorca due to start on the 6th May 2020.

Insurance policies should cover you for this eventuality.

Bridge Overseas Ltd (BOS) has a list of those companies that do, and do not unless you have paid a premium.
BOS can supply a cancellation invoice if you wish to claim your money back from your insurance or credit card provider.
They can also offer their services and the Travel Trust Association’s (TTA) assistance if your claim is rejected.

BOS has paid the hotel honouring their contract. As the hotel is now closed over the period, the hotel should refund BOS who could refund attendees. BUT, the hotel is retaining the funds and only offering to postpone the booking. BOS can force the issue but this could take weeks or months. Thus:

Alternatively, BOS can transfer your booking to a rearranged date of 4th May 2021 at the same price for the hotel and with no increase in Bridge Fees. BOS will attempt to get the Single Room Supplement reduced.

Please telephone or email BOS  01656 747-700  office @ bridgeoverseas.co.uk to let them know if you would like a cancellation invoice, to transfer, or you need further information and assistance.

Flight providers will refund or transfer flights without additional fees if they have not already done so..










As intimated above,  please contact BOS if you have any queries.

19th April, 2020