Help on getting started with Online Bridge is available via the following links:

English Bridge Union 

Paul Gipson's Guide & You Tube Video at Berwick Bridge Club.

Pete Holland's Videos to get started on BBO are on YouTube

You can usually play for free or set up your own table(s) to invite others to join on BBO. Some online Bridge Platforms:

Bridge Baso Online (BBO)

Bridge Club Live

How to create a bridge tournament for your club on Funbridge


Aberdeen Bridge Club is running online tournaments for club members. Glasgow Bridge Centre hopes to do so.

Harry Smith organises bridge events on BBO on Monday and Saturday evenings. 

The format is a 24-board match and for each evening he allocates team-mates and opponents randomly, simply trying to ensure each pair plays different opponents and has different team-mates.
All players who would normally attend an SBU or district event are welcome to join in; Send an email with your BBO name to: Harry Smith
This will continue in its current form on Mondays and Saturdays while the lockdown is in place.Caveat: Harry thinks bronze players and those who only play at their club might find it a bit tough. 
Harry Smith & Paul Gipson plan to run Swiss Teams, on Thursday evenings from 16th April to end May. 
Click here for details. Captains register their team (of 4) with Harry Smith


The SBU is investigating running some future events online. Meanwhile, the EBU runs afternoon & evening events, for which BBO$ must be purchased in order to play.

Currently the SBU does not recognise Online Tournament Master Points.


Courtesy of Ron Klinger, the Australian Bridge Federation, is publishing a series of daily articles:

Ron Klinger Daily Columns

LeBridgeur magazine has kindly made its March editions of BeBridge and Bridgerama freely available online:

BeBridge March 2020

Bridgerama March 2020