Congratulations to Jun Nakamaru-Pinder & Stewart Pinkerton, Ronan Valentine & Liam O’Brien, Athena Chow & Glen Falconer, npc Malgorzata Rozman who have won the Junior Camrose Trophy for the first time since 2012. England's second team, EBU, finished less than 1VP behind in an exciting finish with England third.

Full results

Ronan Valentine, Liam O'Brien, Stewart Pinkerton, Athena Chow, Glen Falconer, Jun Nakamaru-Pinder
npc Gosia Rozman behind the camera

Chloe Farrell & John Russell, Adam Tobias & Wan Hew Tran, David Tobias & Aidan Woodley, npc George Plant finished fourth in the Peggy Bayer Trophy in an event dominated by the two England teams.