From Sam Punch - as part of the ongoing fundraising engagement for the Keep Bridge Alive campaign, the University of Stirling is organising a glamorous Pro-Am event on Thursday 20 February from 6pm until midnight at Stationers’ Hall, central London.


A number of elite international players have agreed to take part in the event including, Boye Brogeland, Sabine Auken, Roy Welland, Fredrik Helness and Dennis Bilde. They are all putting themselves forward for auction for amateur players to bid for them and enjoy a world class partner for a night and mingle with the experts during the drinks reception and buffet prior to the tournament.

The Keep Bridge Alive Pro-Am fundraiser will enable us to do academic research to promote the social benefits of bridge and support an inter-generational approach to learning and playing bridge in schools, universities, libraries, workplaces and community centres.  As far as we know this is the only charity bridge Pro-Am that is actually giving back to the game itself so we’re hopeful that bridge players would like to know about it.

Please find attached the Keep Bridge Alive Pro-Am Brochure and the auction site can be found at:

Also, just to let you know that raffle tickets are available (£1 each for a chance to win a pro and attend the evening). We shall be trying to sell them at as many clubs and bridge events as possible throughout the UK over the coming weeks to enable everyone to have a chance to win a pro! The raffle will be used as an opportunity to raise awareness about the event and the global KBA network, but there will be no hard sell in selling tickets to individuals.

We are delighted to announce that Victoria Coren Mitchell has agreed both to play and to do a special Q&A at the event as that will open doors for us in terms of raising the profile of bridge in the wider media.  All the monies raised will go to paying for the Keep Bridge Alive researchers who work with me (not my salary – that’s covered by the university) in order for us to produce academic research findings on bridge that could be used by the global KBA network to:

  • Transform the image of bridge
  • Increase participation
  • Enhance the sustainability of the mind sport.

Finally, you will also note that the event has two options to ‘sponsor a junior’ as this will help to show a different side of the game to the non-bridge world as we’re keen to get photos of inter-generational partnerships playing at the event. So juniors would be partnered with a non-junior.

Option one - that someone will pay for a junior to play at the event (£200) and then we, the organisers, will fix them up with someone, likely with one of our invitees like yourself (for example, a representative from the SBU, EBU, EBL or WBF).

The second option would be that an amateur could ‘sponsor to play with a junior’, and this is at a fixed price of £300 (which covers the partnership’s dinner/drinks as well). But as I said this shouldn’t be with another junior as we are trying to keep it in the spirit of a fun Pro-Am event linked to the bridge research where a key goal is to raise the profile of bridge as an intergenerational game for young people and families.


If your organisation would like to sponsor a junior to play, do please let me know. And I really hope some of you may consider playing too! Apologies if you have already seen some of this – but I just want to get the word out as much as possible which is quite hard for a London-based event when I live in Scotland!


Best wishes and many thanks for any help you can give in promoting the KBA Pro-Am tournament or enabling a junior to play in it,


P.S. We also have a new Facebook page where we will post updates about the event and players - Keep Bridge Alive Pro-Am Pairs.