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The University of Stirling has just launched the ‘Keep Bridge Alive’ CrowdFund campaign to establish the Sociology of Bridge, and it runs until 31st March 2019.

Led by Samantha Punch (Professor of Sociology and international bridge player), the purpose of the ‘Keep Bridge Alive’ campaign is to communicate messages about the benefits of bridge beyond the bridge world. This emerging academic field explores interactions within the mind sport, well-being, healthy ageing and social connection as experienced in the bridge community. The key goals of this research are to transform the image of bridge, to increase participation and enhance the sustainability of the mind sport.

The Keep Bridge Alive campaign aims to attract new players to our game via innovative and collaborative approaches (including targeted resources aimed at children, young people, families as well as policy-makers, employers and teachers). Keep Bridge Alive is about taking action to share best practice, pool resources and develop an evidence-base to re-brand and grow the bridge world. This as an excellent opportunity to do something different and create momentum for change within the bridge community.

The photo is from the launch of the Keep Bridge Alive campaign (our squirrel mascot was learning to play bridge at our new Stirling University Bridge club - which has 28 members in just 4 months!)

The other photos include two Stirling undergrads who play junior bridge for Scotland - Ronan Valentine and Calum Stout, playing against me and Stephen Peterkin in an interactive exhibition match for the launch where we talked through our thought processes

Please donate to the Keep Bridge Alive Campaign at https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/u5c0e5e7810869.