It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Ian Howie, a highly-regarded player with a long and distinguished record in Scottish bridge.

Ian trained as a dentist in Glasgow University in the 1960s. As a chess player he was interested in the bridge game at the Dental School, so he watched, learned, and became hooked for life. He was a contemporary of Victor Silverstone and played for Glasgow University in the Waddington Cup against Belfast. In the 60s he played in Trials with Bertie Wolfson, and, with Jimmy Baird and a very young Barnet Shenkin, reached the quarter-finals of the Gold Cup in 1971 an achievement he would repeat 37 years later in 2008!

In 1989 he played with John Murdoch in the 1989 Camrose, and won the Scottish Cup twice.

His long term partner, Michele Gladstone tells how Ian patiently taught her the finer points of the game and helped her become the player she is today. Ian was a  supportive partner for many of the game's most talented players and willingly shared his knowledge and gave advice to less experienced players.  

Ian's funeral will take place on Friday 27 April at 10:45 at Linn Crematorium.

Ian will be missed at the table both for his expertise and friendship.  We extend sincere condolences to his family and many friends.