Saturday "Bronze Brunches" 11:45

An SBU weekend event for Bronze Players.

12 Boards Bronze Pairs  $1.50 on BBO. Registration opens 2 hours before. 

Click Competitive, All Tournaments and search for host SBU (Host will be of form SBU_x_xxx where x_xxx will vary) with "Bronze Brunch" in title.

It is hoped that Districts, or Clubs with continuing expenses, or  with a number of TDs, will take turns to host the 'Brunch'. 

Every Tuesday at 7 pm - 24 boards, Match-Pointed Pairs, 3 BBO$

Commencing Saturday 8th August at 7pm on BBO for 9 weeks - 'Lockdown' Swiss Pairs 2: Details


This event is a continuation of an initiative by Harry Smith.  All those who are members of the SBU are invited to enter.  Registration up to 2 hours prior to the event in the SBU Virtual Club on BBO.

Instructions for finding SBU events on BBO:

From the home page: click on Competitive, All Tournaments, type 'SBU' in the search box or scroll down to find the tournament.

The tournament will appear 2 hours before the start time and you can then register - provided your partner is also online.

Please remember that registrations are only accepted from those who have provided their BBO username 48 hours in advance.  These now are being collected on MEMPAD.  Even if you filled in the 'form' please log in to Mempad and check or provide yours:

Log in to Mempad, Click 'My Contacts' tab, select the 'edit' tab.  Fill in your BBO user name in the lower part of the screen. Click Save.  Please DO NOT add any spaces at end of BBO username.  We can only guarantee entrance if we have your BBO User name in time, don't be late!

To purchase BBO$, at parity with US$, use the following link Buy BBO$   Be aware that other routes to purchase may incur additional charges.