The SBU has been looking at ways in which more on-line bridge can be played during the Coronavirus Lockdown. 

To this end, the SBU is proposing to run a Bronze League for SBU Members over the coming weeks. This event will be open to all Bronze members and limited Silver members, as of 1 April 2020.  Teams may have up to six members, including up to 1 Silver..

The event will be run on BBO.

There may be several divisions, depending on how many teams would like to play in the league. Placement of teams in a particular division will be based on the number of masterpoints acquired cumulatively by the members of the team.  For those teams with more than 4 members this will be calculated as 4 times the average of all members of the team. 

The matches will take place on Wednesday evening starting around 6:30pm. Each match will be 16 boards.

The first round of matches will take place on Wednesday 20th May, and each League will run for 5 or 7 Wednesday evenings, depending on how many teams and divisions there are. 

Local Masterpoints will be awarded as per the normal SBU scales for District Leagues. 

If you are interested, then please complete the attached Excel Spreadsheet to provide details of the team members, and more importantly, the BBO name of each of your team members. Please can you appoint a team captain who is familiar with setting up a team of 4 match on BBO. Please submit your completed registration to

The Conditions of Contest provide links to excellent videos by Paul Gipson on YouTube describing the process. The website for all the arrangements for the league can be found at: 

Please respond no later than 10pm on Saturday 17th May if you wish to be included in the first league. Registrations after this time will be taken on a space available basis or held over to the next league.