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At the recently concluded iteration of the SBU Bronze League, we are pleased to announce the following teams have finished first and second in their respective divisions: 


Division 1 Winners


Winners: ColintonFour  Captain: Ian Campbell Scoring: 106.14 VPs
       (Teammates: Sue Campbell, Moira Poyser, Norman Poyser, Robert Hickling )
Runners-Up: Comiston  Captain: Shaun Ni Scoring: 105.54 VPs
       (Teammates: Judith Sischy, Mari Muirhead, Lynne Loudon )

Division 2 Winners


Winners: Millig  Captain: Kirsty Hassall Scoring: 103.38 VPs
       (Teammates: Carol Calder, Jean Murdoch, Claire Harper, Gwynneth Yates, Joyce Hamilton, Margaret Sargent )
Runners-Up: HEDJ  Captain: Jim Morris Scoring: 102.27 VPs
       (Teammates: Elizabeth Morris, David Allison, Helen Allison )

Division 3 Winners


Winners: TheBassRockers  Captain: Ross Torkington Scoring: 99.74 VPs
       (Teammates: Norman Yarrow, Neil Paton, Roger Lilles, Anne Smith )
Runners-Up: TheRuffClub  Captain: Sheila Cochrane Scoring: 93.1 VPs
       (Teammates: Elspeth Burnside, Ian Fraser, Alistair Smillie, Jackie Mobbs, Margaret Tait )

Division 4 Winners


Winners: NotSoBad  Captain: Alison Loudon Scoring: 101.72 VPs
       (Teammates: Nicky Bell, Annie Edmond, Wendy Weir, Fiona McLaren, Iain McLaren, Judith Hardie )
Runners-Up: TheDABHANDS  Captain: Janis Hughes Scoring: 85.85 VPs
       (Teammates: Carol Medlock, Fiona Gill, Susan Smart, Lynn Smith, Joan Cargill, Hazel Howatson, Ron Gill )


The next iteration of the SBU Bronze League will be SBU Bronze Leage 4Q24, which will run from September to December 2024. All Bronze Players are welcome to enter a team of up to 8 players for the next iteration. Each team is also allowed to have one Silver level player as part of the 8 participants. Matches are typically played on a Wednesday evening, but there is some flexibility in the schedule to rearrange matches to another evening. We would like to request more senior SBU Members encourage the Bronze Players from their local club to consider entering a team for the next iteration.


If you are interested in participating, but would like more information, then please send an email to "bronzeleague 'at'".


Howard Greenwell.