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The SBU is proud to announce that the American Contract Bridge League has awarded the Sidney H. Lazard, Jr. Sportsmanship Award to The Scottish Open team, comprising of Alex Adamson, James Hay, Derrick Peden, Stephen Peterkin, Samantha Punch, Derek Sanders, and NPC Anne Perkins, competing at the EBL qualification competitions for the World Team Championships, in August 2021.

sidney award 2021

In 2001, Lazard established the Sidney H. Lazard, Jr. Sportsmanship Award in honour of his son, who died in 1999 after battling cancer. The annual award celebrates sportsmanlike characteristics and aims to recognize those who "play hard but fair and hold no grudges."

“I designed the award as a way to honor his memory by recognizing top bridge players who emulate the ideal that I saw in my son, and to encourage all players to aspire to that standard.”

— Sidney Lazard

The Bridgewinners website observed that, first to face the Italian team whose selection had been controversial, “the Scottish team quietly refused to take their virtual seats at the bridge table; they accepted a zero for the forfeit rather than dignify their opposition by playing the match.”

Of the 29 remaining teams, not one played in their match against the Italians.

“This tribute is given to those who play the game with dignity and honor,” said award committee member Zia Mahmood, informing the team of their selection. “The committee is aware that you were not looking for any public recognition, but your actions are exactly what Sidney Lazard encouraged when he created this award.”

The roll of honour of recipients of this award is impressive and we are so proud of our team and the brave stance they took.

Joan Forsyth SBU President