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The SBU has agreed that all players designated as junior in the current season, will be able to play in any SBU competitions free of charge. This includes the Bronze League and the SBU Online League as well as all other national tournaments.  There will be a slightly different process depending on the platform on which a tournament is run. 

  • If you play in a BBO tournament where you register to play on BBO, you will need to pay in BBO$ upfront and then reclaim the charge.  You will do this, by e-mailing Alisdair McLeod, Junior Coordinator, and letting him know which events you have played in and how much this has cost you in BBO$.  At the end of each month, you will be reimbursed in BBO$ to your account. 
  • If you play in a tournament where you need to pay upfront in £ on the SBU website then juniors do not need to pay the entry fee and should proceed as follows — 
    • Register for the event on the SBU website and explain in the Notes box the number of juniors playing.  Non-juniors should make the relevant payment to the SBU bank account. You should also inform Alisdair McLeod that you are playing in the event.             
  • If you play in a tournament where you need to pay upfront in pounds sterling on a 3rd party website then juniors do not need to pay the entry fee —
    • if the pair or whole team is made up of juniors, you should simply inform Alisdair and the tournament convenor that you will be playing in the event. 
    • if one of the pair or at least one person in the team is not a junior, then the non-juniors should NOT use the 3rd party online entry for the event but should make their payment directly to the SBU account using a reference that indicates their name and which tournament they are entering for (e.g.  Smith WCPRS for the Winter Congress pairs).  The pair or team should inform Alisdair McLeod and the tournament convenor that they have entered
    • If you do not inform the tournament convenor, the 3rd party will not know that you are playing and this may well mean that you cannot play in the tournament

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SBU bank account details

Please note: this account has changed.

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