The home of Scottish Bridge

 Congratulations to the English Juniors and Peggy Bayer teams who won both events at the weekend.  Scotland finished 2nd in the Junior Camrose just 6.5 VPs behind England in a closely fought contest but the English Peggy Bayer team had a massive win with Ireland 2nd and Scotland 3rd.  Full details can be found at the link below.

This weekend sees our Junior Camrose team of Jun Nakamaru-Pinder & Stewart Pinkerton, Ronan Valentine & Liam O'Brien and Glen Falconer & Athena Chow (NPC - Anne Symons) and the Peggy Bayer team of Chloe Farrell & John Russell, Adam Tobias & Wan-Hew Tran and David Tobias & Saketh Jampana (NPC - Andrew Symons) playing against the other home nations over in Belfast at the Le Mon Country Club. 

There is some information on the BGB website, but the dedicated website for the event can be found at