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The Junior Camrose (U26) and Peggy Bayer (U21) events have been taking place this weekend hosted by the EBU in Coventry. 

Our Junior Camrose team of Ronan Valentine & Liam O'Brien, Gints Freimanis & Stewart Pinkerton and Botund Hadjara & Glen Falconer (NPC Liz McGowan) beat 4 of the other 5 teams including the winners England but unfortunately had quite a big loss to the EBU team (England second team) so finished in 3rd place behind England and the EBU.

The Peggy Bayer tournament only had 4 teams.  This was always going to be a tough event as the England team is very strong and won by a large margin from Ireland with Scotland finishing 3rd.  The team of Christopher Docherty & Gideon Green, Adam Tobias & Wan-Hew Tran and John Russell & David Tobias (NPC Jim Hay) had a tough start as they started by playing England on the Friday evening.

Full results can be seen on the EBU website.