The home of Scottish Bridge
The Scotland Juniors competed in Belfast for the Junior Camrose (U25) and Peggy Bayer (U20) trophies. 

Junior Camrose Trophy (U25)

Mr Frazer Morgan and Mr Jun Nakamaru-Pinder
Miss Yvonne Wiseman and Mr Ralph Wiseman
NPC Mr Sandy Duncan
England and Scotland played the final match with the Junior Camrose Trophy (for under-25s) at stake. Scotland needed to win by 18 IMPs and they achieved this target after five boards. If the next seven boards had been flat then they would have won by 0.02 VP, but as it was England came back and won the match by 5 IMPs to make the final table:
1 England 123.51
2 Scotland 109.23
3 Ireland 92.46
4 Northern Ireland 34.80

Peggy Bayer Trophy (U20)

Mr Stewart Taylor Pinkerton and Mr Scott Lorimer
Miss Katherine Dempsie and Mr Jacob Moody
Mr Tom Browning and Mr Calum Stout
NPC Mrs Anne Symons
In the Peggy Bayer Trophy for the under-20s, England won with a match to spare but were not as dominant as previous years. A team with some new faces and a stronger performance from Scotland the main reasons for this. The final table:
1 England 135.57
2 Scotland 98.73
3 Ireland 91.93
4 Northern Ireland 33.77