The home of Scottish Bridge

The Scotland team of Iain Sime, John Murdoch, Alan Mould, John Matheson, Brian Spears, and Paul Barton qualified comfortably for the KO stages of the championship but lost by 60-62 IMP to India in the quarter-finals.

The President's Team (Sandy Duncan, Irving Gordon, Derek Sanders, Stephen Peterkin, Liz McGowan, Sam Punch) had a great last day in the qualifying but lost by 51-54 IMP to England in the quarter-finals. Then, in the Transnational Swiss Teams, despite a last match wobble they qualified for the semi-finals where they were selected by the leaders, Canadonia (Cliff Gillis, Danny and Helen Kane, Martin Henneberger). After a tight first half they ran away to an easy win. In the final they played Canada and it went down to the final board, but they emerged victorious by 70-60 IMP.

The SBU team did not qualify for the KO stages of the main event.

Robert Clow and Derrick Peden were the best-placed Scottish pair in the Swiss Pairs, finishing seventh.