The home of Scottish Bridge

The second Camrose Trophy weekend in Coventry finished with both England teams leading the way, although it was their second team on top of the table.

EBU 141.58
England 126.41
Northern Ireland 109.65
Wales 85.21
Scotland 77.96
Ireland 58.24

Scotland (Phil Morrison, John Faben, Alex Adamson, Derek Sanders, Danny Kane, Irving Gordon, NPC Jim Hay) started the weekend with a big win against Wales on Friday night but struggled for the rest of the weekend, finishing in the fifth position where they started.

It's no surprise to finish below the professional English teams, but disappointing to not head the rest of the pack. Next year's Camrose Trophy will be held in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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The Home International Series now moves to Edinburgh on 5-7 April for the Senior Camrose, where Scotland will be defending the Teltscher Trophy and there will be a second Scotland team led by Stewart Duguid.