President's Reports

During the last period we have had the mens pairs and teams which I had to miss plus our ladies weekend and we had an increase in the number of teams playing even if only by two. Was it a success? I don’t yet know.

Unfortunately I have played in fewer competitions than I hoped this season. Hope for more involvement next year.

The dates have now been published for the National League together with the venues on our web site.  On improving our web site still awaiting further information.

In Dundee Bridge Club they had a very successful schools mini bridge tournament. The youngsters (primaries 6 & 7) really enjoyed the event. Bridge mates were used to score with an adult at every table to assist.

A new event was trialed in March. A national bronze teams event with heats in various parts of the country, which has   had favourable comments from the participants.

Sadly Bill Clow an ex president of the SBU died in March. My best wishes to Molly and his family. I always remember how kind Bill and Molly were to Irene and I when we first attended congresses. I was pleased there was a good attendance at the memorial service.

Please note that all league players must be members of the SBU plus if required by their district members of a club within the district.

I have seen a growth in afternoon tournaments which is alright for clubs with their own premises and possibly afternoon events should be advertised in all the clubs in their locality. The downside is it may take a few away from evening tournaments.

Our best wishes for our Lady Milne and Senior Camrose teams in their forthcoming matches.

Ian Hunter SBU President

Best wishes for a happy new year for all our members.

The Scottish Bridge Union is going through difficult times due to the lack of volunteers coming forward to assist in the running of our organization. We may have to make major changes in how the SBU is run if we cannot find these volunteers. We have a number of members currently doing extra work but we cannot carry on at this level without errors and omissions occurring. I know some have already been noticed.
I am sure there are recently retired people or others looking for something to give them an interest and you would be helping to promote our wonderful game. Your own bridge standard is not relevant for these advertised vacancies. Nowadays with computers, location is not so important.

Please feel free to contact me at .

I would like to thank Sandy Forbes and Norma Bain who assisted as secretary until our new secretary Avril Sloane was appointed.

My activities over the last couple of months included the December Congress in Peebles with Irene but our bridge was unfortunately mixed and ended up in the lower half of the field for the teams and above the middle in the swiss pairs.

The hotel was again in good form with their new chef continuing to provide a good standard in the dining room. This is the first time for many years that we did not have a complaint against the hotel.
I also went to Coventry to support our teams in the Camrose. What can I say! but they did get I feel more than their share of bad luck. I did notice that the bidding was very competitive and in one match both pairs bid on every board. Frequently the bidding was pre-emptive forcing the opponents to make difficult choices at a high level. However the hotel selected by the EBU was very nice and the train journeys were pleasant.

I intend going to the holiday Inn in Edinburgh too, to watch the second half of the Camrose and I do hope they can improve.
I do hope to get to visit more clubs over the March & April but something always seem to disrupt my plans.

Ian Hunter

The last two months have given myself and the SBU major problems due to the sudden departure from our ranks of Cathy Ferguson who was our secretary, tournament convener plus entering competition results and Bob McKinnon our magazine publisher to add to our already depleted ranks with the previous departure of Ann Wickens and Joan Lees. Unfortunately it seems we have no one willing to come forward to replace them. I must thank the existing committee conveners and committee members who are all doing extra work but this is very short term as it is too great a pressure on them.

I have managed to play in the Diamond Trophy, the Autumn Congress at Peebles where I must say the catering standards have improved with all the meals supplied to our table of eight being very good.

I missed the National League and the Arthur due to a family holiday but was back in time to go to Aviemore. A very well organized and run congress, which I will return to, I hope next year.

I visited clubs in Glasgow and Edinburgh during this period in league matches.

I was at the Rayne final as director as again our holiday interfered with the local heats and all bar one district took up their places in the final.

Irene and I played but failed to qualify for National pairs.

We are looking forward to the Winter Congress at Peebles and hope to see many of our members there.

I have been getting good reports on Isla Canella Hotelour SBU overseas congress in Spain. Both the hotel and its catering are good and the situation is convenient for trips to Seville and Portugal.

Ian Hunter  5/12/16

In the last two months I have attended a weekend course for juniors and younger at Stirling run by Anne Symons with plenty of volunteer helpers.

It was great to see the enthusiasm of these young players and we hope to run more of these training weekends.

During the months I have played in our local clubs with Irene. We also played in the Central District congress, which had 31 tables. This was a very pleasant weekend and with the help of 3 others I won the major event-the 2 board Knockout, otherwise nothing went well. A well-run congress with Derek French as convener.

Irene and I entered  Edinburgh district  Watson Trophy and we made up a team unfortunately without success but an enjoyable day.

In the SBU our master point committee has been busy rewriting the rulebook for master points, trying to make it easier to follow and standardise the awards.

 The tournament committee and Congress committees have both had meetings in September followed by a game of bridge in GBC which made a nice finish to the evening.

As you will see on our website we are in need of volunteers for both the Education Committee and a Congress Convener.

There must be someone out of our 6000+ members who can help. Please contact me or our secretary Cathy Ferguson. Our email addresses are on the SBU website.

I had intended to play in the Stirling pairs but unfortunately a medical problem arose and I could not make it nor will I make the Edwin Berry next month but I hope to welcome many of you to our Peebles Congress 21st to 23rd October. There are still places available.

To all our bronze players I would like you to take time to look at the events you can enter listed on the SBU website.

To find it go into the SBU website and go down to the bottom of the home page and there you will find an item in blue “Bronze Players”, click on that and it will take you to another page and there if you click on Summary of events it will list all the competitions some of which are only for bronze players and all others where there are bronze prizes.

Ian Hunter