Report back from Council – November 2013


As is usually the case at this time of year the committees have been very busy and so the November Council meeting had a very full agenda.  Many issues will be covered on the relevant parts of the website but there are a couple I would like to highlight to all members:


The introduction of the Mempad system is gathering pace.  The first clubs are now using it to transfer results automatically for Master Points to be recorded and I know that many individual members are accessing their own accounts regularly.  However here are still a number of clubs who have not yet ‘signed in’ and therefore are no getting the benefits of the system.  In order to help people the team have identified champions in each District who will be able to explain the procedures and provide any other help required.  If in doubt please consult your district secretary or contact the Master Points office.


We are experimenting with a ‘virtual’ club for beginners who are not yet ready to play in clubs or tournaments.  Whilst we have had some ‘teething problems’ we are keen to extend this scheme nationally.  If you are involved with learners who have completed Level 2 or higher of the SBU course, or equivalent, please contact Ann Wickens.


The Member Services Committee has a big remit but one particular area of development is communicating with members.  As well as the SBU News – an excellent magazine that is outstanding value for money but not widely read – we will be looking at regular news based information for ALL members.  If you have any ideas on this please contact Russell Frame, who chairs the committee.


The Better Behaviour in Bridge campaign has received much support and the idea of the monthly theme has caught peoples’ interest – if you haven’t yet put these up in your club, there is still time to do so!


Finally I was delighted to report to Council that I had attended another excellent Highland Congress.  Also, as well as recognising the excellent performance of our team in Bali I gave a special “Thank you” to all of the people who worked so hard to support the team and raise money for them.  I was particularly delighted that our team got coverage on radio and press and it is only fitting that we should recognise Harry Smith’s work on this.


Mike ASH

SBU President