Report back to members – April 2013


The April Council meeting was an important one.  We agreed a budget and a new format for the National League but most importantly we met during the afternoon to take part in a workshop on the way forward for the SBU.  I was particularly pleased at how many were able to take part and we were joined by one or two others who have been involved in the Your SBU initiative.


The overriding theme that emerged was that the SBU needs to be proactive in supporting clubs and districts to promote bridge and the way it is played.  Also we must embrace new ways of working – in particular how we communicate with members.  The Bullet Points emerging at the plenary, in no particular order, are listed below.


  • Positive action to discourage bad behaviour by targeting teachers and TDs and the clubs
  • Must persuade schools to take Mind Sports seriously as an aid to improve pupils overall skills, if possible liaising with Chess Scotland
  • Enable entry to competitions via the SBU website
  • Set up a website partnership desk
  • Encourage newcomers to advance into clubs
  • Set up a virtual bridge club for class members and send out a monthly newsletter
  • Use the Commonwealth Nations Bridge Championships to promote bridge through the media
  • Publicise what the SBU provides by way of support to members and clubs, especially unaffiliated clubs
  • Encourage participation in congresses and competitions
  • Run more events tailored to players in or about to leave classes and “uncompetitive” club players
  • Districts to follow up on disaffiliating clubs
  • Restructure Council


In previous reports I have referred to the two IT projects that we sought to introduce this year.  Both the establishing of a single database and using it to electronically register MP’s and introducing a new website, which will allow members to enter events on-line, have taken longer than we anticipated but we received presentations on both of them at the seminar and they will be going ‘live’ before the new season starts in September. 


Finally please note – and tell others in your club – that we are running a session on helping students who have completed teaching programmes to progress to be club members and tournament players.  My trips around the country have indicated that this is a major issue for many clubs but there are several examples of clubs recruiting significant numbers of new members from their classes.  There will be a workshop on the afternoon before the AGM, which will be held at Stirling BC on 28 May.  Refreshments will be available at the end for those wishing to stay for the AGM.


More information is being sent to all clubs via district secretaries and there will be more details on the website shortly.