During the last period we have had the mens pairs and teams which I had to miss plus our ladies weekend and we had an increase in the number of teams playing even if only by two. Was it a success? I don’t yet know.

Unfortunately I have played in fewer competitions than I hoped this season. Hope for more involvement next year.

The dates have now been published for the National League together with the venues on our web site.  On improving our web site still awaiting further information.

In Dundee Bridge Club they had a very successful schools mini bridge tournament. The youngsters (primaries 6 & 7) really enjoyed the event. Bridge mates were used to score with an adult at every table to assist.

A new event was trialed in March. A national bronze teams event with heats in various parts of the country, which has   had favourable comments from the participants.

Sadly Bill Clow an ex president of the SBU died in March. My best wishes to Molly and his family. I always remember how kind Bill and Molly were to Irene and I when we first attended congresses. I was pleased there was a good attendance at the memorial service.

Please note that all league players must be members of the SBU plus if required by their district members of a club within the district.

I have seen a growth in afternoon tournaments which is alright for clubs with their own premises and possibly afternoon events should be advertised in all the clubs in their locality. The downside is it may take a few away from evening tournaments.

Our best wishes for our Lady Milne and Senior Camrose teams in their forthcoming matches.

Ian Hunter SBU President