Best wishes for a happy new year for all our members.

The Scottish Bridge Union is going through difficult times due to the lack of volunteers coming forward to assist in the running of our organization. We may have to make major changes in how the SBU is run if we cannot find these volunteers. We have a number of members currently doing extra work but we cannot carry on at this level without errors and omissions occurring. I know some have already been noticed.
I am sure there are recently retired people or others looking for something to give them an interest and you would be helping to promote our wonderful game. Your own bridge standard is not relevant for these advertised vacancies. Nowadays with computers, location is not so important.

Please feel free to contact me at .

I would like to thank Sandy Forbes and Norma Bain who assisted as secretary until our new secretary Avril Sloane was appointed.

My activities over the last couple of months included the December Congress in Peebles with Irene but our bridge was unfortunately mixed and ended up in the lower half of the field for the teams and above the middle in the swiss pairs.

The hotel was again in good form with their new chef continuing to provide a good standard in the dining room. This is the first time for many years that we did not have a complaint against the hotel.
I also went to Coventry to support our teams in the Camrose. What can I say! but they did get I feel more than their share of bad luck. I did notice that the bidding was very competitive and in one match both pairs bid on every board. Frequently the bidding was pre-emptive forcing the opponents to make difficult choices at a high level. However the hotel selected by the EBU was very nice and the train journeys were pleasant.

I intend going to the holiday Inn in Edinburgh too, to watch the second half of the Camrose and I do hope they can improve.
I do hope to get to visit more clubs over the March & April but something always seem to disrupt my plans.

Ian Hunter